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GBS is a provider of high-quality services to the utilities value chain, including financial, economic and technical consultancy, operational support, as well as carrying out related economic, social, and environmental studies and measurements. GBS brings to its projects a number of strengths that help to perform the required tasks efficiently and successfully.

GBS extensively provides advises on restructuring and institutional reform in the utilities sector. GBS works with both government authorities and state-owned utilities, helping them adapt to commercial operation. The majority of these assignments entail developing strategies to improve their revenue and/or cost position. Many of these assignments also involve conducting full cost of service and tariff design studies, social assessment and affordability studies, as well as environmental impact assessment.

Engineering and Technical Services

Utility Sector Restructuring and Commercialization

Utilities Sector Management Policy

Economic Regulation and Water Quality Assurance

Investment, Operation & Market Analysis

Implementation of Information Management Systems (MIS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Human Development and Capacity Building