Business Markets

Water and Environment:
- Water supply and sanitation
- Environmental impact assessment
- Strategic environmental consultancy
- Natural resources management

Land Improvement Project

The overall objective of this project is to promote salinity mitigation and marginal water management in partnership with the stakeholders in order to sustain agricultural production in balance with nature and production, which concurrently ensures national and global environmental benefits.
Services Provided:
- Overall project implementation support;
- Procurement support and disbursement monitoring including development of the procurement plan and the budget;
- Preparation of terms of reference and bidding documents;
- Training;
- Development of demonstration projects;
- Development of knowledge products;
- Reporting and preparation of various project documents.

Osh and Jalalabad Water Rehabilitation Project – PIU Support Including Engineering Design and Contract Supervision

The project includes rehabilitation of water supply and wastewater system facilities and networks, in conjunction with institutional strengthening of the beneficiary utilities. The overall objective of the assignment is to facilitate implementation of the Project by rendering assistance to the beneficiaries, including designs, procurement advisory, construction supervision, as well as environmental and social management systems in line with EBRD requirements.
Services Provided:
- Overall project management support;
- Support to PIU in all aspects of project implementation, including preparation of design, technical specifications, management of environmental, social and gender issues relevant to the investments, tender documentation, assistance with tendering, tender evaluation and contract finalisation, administration and supervision of the contract implementation, as well as set up of the disbursement system;
- Design ofproject works and prepare technical specifications for goods;
- Preparation of the prequalification, and tender documents for procurement of works and goods;
- Arrangement of the tendering procedure for works and goods, including evaluation of tenders and drafting tender evaluation reports;
- Assistance in procurement of works and goods in accordance with the procedures and documentation of the EBRD and local legislation.
- Arrangement of timely disbursement under the contracts.

North Tajik Water Rehabilitation Project – PIU Support Including Engineering, Design and Contracts Supervision

Rendering assistance to the PIU with implementation of the engineering design of water supply and waste water systems, procurement support and contracts supervision.
Services Provided:
- Project management support to the PIU to co-ordinate, supervise, manage, monitor and evaluate all aspects of the Project;
- Detailed engineering design;
- Preparation of the technical specifications for equipment;
- Preparation of the Procurement Plan and the Budget;
- Assistance in establishment of the PIU including preparation of job descriptions and qualification of staff;
- Preparation and monitoring of the Project Implementation Plan;
- Drafting of tender documents;
- Overall procurement support including carrying out of tender procedure, preparation of evaluation reports and contracts, and submission the necessary documents to the EBRD;
- Contract supervision and administration;
- Training needs assessment;
- Delivery of training.

Khujand Water Rehabilitation Project, Phase II – PIU Support in Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Advancement of the water supply improvement accomplishments of the Phase 1 and continuation of the capacity building measures supported by the technical cooperation.
Services Provided:
- Overall project management support;
- Design the works and prepare specifications for equipment;
- Procurement support;
- Contracts supervision;
- Arrangement of timely disbursement under the contracts;
- Training on financial management system, project accounting and budget management systems, procedures for payment to suppliers of services, systems for financial reporting.

Accounting and Financial Advisory