Business Markets

Health Management:
- Feasibility studies and needs assessment;
- Project appraisal, management and evaluation;
- Procurement of medical equipment and infrastructure including preparation of technical specifications and bidding documents;
- Disbursement monitoring system;
- Engineering advisory on placement of medical and other equipment in hospitals;
- Contracts administration support;
- Capacity building and training;
- Quality management support.

Consulting in Project Implementation within the “State Medical Emergency Hospital Equipment Project”

The Republic of Uzbekistan has received an Installed Sale financing from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) toward the cost of State Medical Emergency Hospitals (SMEH) Equipment and intended to apply these funds for modernization of the equipment base in 12 regional emergency medical centers throughout Uzbekistan.
Services Provided:
- Project implementation support;
- Assessment of hospital facilities, capabilities and needs in refining list of equipment to be procured in terms of type and quantity;
- Examination of project sites for determining of the location of new equipment;
- Preparation of shop drawings and layouts to be included in the bidding documents;
- Procurement support and disbursement monitoring including development of the procurement strategy, procurement plan and the budget;
- Preparation of detailed technical specifications and bidding documents;
- Preparation of procurement notices (GPN and SPN) and arrangement their publication in mass media;
- Preparation of clarification for requests submitted by the bid participants;
- Preparation evaluation reports;
- Preparation of draft contracts and monitoring of contracts performance;
- Project implementation supervision, including testing of equipment;
- Reporting.

Modernisation of Multidisciplinary Regional Hospitals, BMZ-No. 209913021 – Feasibility Study

The Government of Uzbekistan received German financing towards the Modernization of Multidisciplinary Regional Hospitals Project in Uzbekistan. The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, being the Implementing Agency for this project, has hired consulting team for preparation of feasibility study for the Modernization of Multidisciplinary Regional Hospitals Project.
Services Provided:
- Conduct an extensive situation analysis and to formulate suggestions for the realization of the modernization plan;
- Prepare a detailed equipment list of each project Oblast hospital, including usage, age, condition, etc.;
- Evaluate availability of staff and their qualifications and discuss training possibilities;
- Evaluate the present service-capacities and budget and options for rationalization;
- Design a service-strategy and a budget estimate for this strategy and discuss this strategy with the management of each project Oblast hospital;
- Estimation of annual cost for diagnostics and consumables for each project Oblast hospital.

Accounting and Financial Advisory