Business Markets

Management consulting:
- Economic and business analysis and studies;
- Economic development;
- Business planning;
- Financial analysis and tools;
- Organizational development;
- Operational performance improvement;
- Social studies and assessment;
- Knowledge Management;
- Institutional strengthening;
- Capacity building and training.

Institution and Capacity Building for the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan

The purpose of this project is institutional and capacity building for Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan. The project aimed to establish an effective mechanism of retraining and enhancing the qualification of approximately 21000 financial and accounting personnel of budget organizations in the Republic through establishing Treasury Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance. The Consultant was hired to observe Government regulations and policies, particularly those of the Ministry of Finance.
Services Provided:
- Make a comprehensive analysis and evaluate current qualification level of employees in financial units on a basis of sampling in public health and education institutions;
- Determining requirements for the structure and units of the Training Center; personnel of the Training Center; content of training cycle and modules in terms of disciplines and subjects;
methodical basis of training cycles; duration of training cycles; methods of appraisal and monitoring of effectiveness of training results; picking up the quantity of local staff necessary for each training cycle, based on requirements and duration of training; system of selection of prospective trainers among teachers at higher academic institutions, economists and finance specialists (including MOF staff);
- Determine and conduct necessary training programs to train the trainers for each training module;
- Assist the Ministry of Finance in developing and organizing training visits outside Uzbekistan (Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Turkey) to complement scholastic training process with practical acknowledgment on operational matters of treasury in selected countries;
- Develop criteria for selecting trainers for participation in international trainings;
- Provide recommendations on procurement of training software, which will be used for training of financial and accounting personnel of budget organizations working under Treasury Information System.

Accounting and Financial Advisory