Business Markets

Infrastructure Development:
- Project management;
- Procurement and disbursement support;
- Contract administration;
- Technical specifications;
- Contract administration support;
- Capacity building;
- Support in ensuring compliance with the Finance Documents and other agreements.

Project Management Unit Assistance for the Upgrading of Asphalt Plant and Procurement of the Road Construction, Repair and Maintenance Equipment Project

The project aimed to improve roads of the city of Tashkent by procuring road construction, repair and maintenance equipment for Tashkent Asphalt Plant and Administration of the Tashkent city municipality which is responsible for the city roads. The Consultant assisted with project implementation and procurement management, as well as improvement of competencies by means of capacity building.
Services Provided:
- Preparation of the Project Implementation Plan;
- Preparation of the Project Procedures Manual;
- Preparation of the Project Disbursement Manual;
- Training needs assessment and elaboration of the training plan;
- Preparation of the detailed technical specifications for road equipment;
- Tender documents, procurement support;
- Preparation of draft contracts and monitoring of contracts performance;
- Preparation of the detailed budget for International Competitive Bidding;
- Project implementation supervision, including contracts administration and supervision, disbursement and other advisory services on financial and legal matters.

Accounting and Financial Advisory